Short Speech On 5 Types of Hacker

Short Speech On 5 Types of Hacker
Welcome to my youtube channel this is my 9th Video of my hack and  Tech Series.
Today in this video I will Describe the most Popular and Powerful Types of hacker. In this Video I also explain that why the hackers are Infamous. Not every hacker is a bad guys there are Many types of hacker in the world. I Mention 5 most Popular Types of hacker in this Video . In this Short Video I will clarify that why hacker do this kind of hacking. 
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How many types of hacker are there
Which types of hacker are most Dangerous
What is what hat hacker
What is black hat hacker
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What is tenderfoot Hacker
What is the motive of anonymous hacker hindi
White hat hackers vs Black hat hacker
Anonymous hacker vs ISIS
Anonymous Hacker vs NASA
What is grey hacker
Indian Grey hat hackers
Indian Black hat hackers
Indian Anonymous Hackers
Indian White Hat Hackers
Most Powerful hacker of India
You can answer of every question above in this Video
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Namste dosto mere Youtube channel pe aapka bhoat swagat . ye meri hack and tech series ka 9th video hai. 
Aaj mai is video me aapko hackers ke type ke bare me bataunga . Is video me mai aapko smajaunga ki aakhir hacker hacking kyu karte hai aur hacker ka hacking karne ke piche motive kya hota hai. Is video me mai aapko bataunga ki hackers itne Badnaam kyu hogaye hai hai. 
Mai ne is video me 5 sabse powerfull types of hacker ke bare mei batya hai jo Duniya me apni hacking skill ke liye jane jate hai.
India me ethical hacker kaise bane aur 1 acchi Job paye follow 10 steps niche di gyi link pe click kare
Question tag
Hackers ki type kitni hoti hai
Hackers kitne types ke hote hai
Sabse khatarnak hacker kon hote hai
Black hat hacker kon hai
White hat hacker kon hai
Anonymous hacker kon hai
Kya india  me bhi anonymous hackers hai
India ke anonymous hacker kon hai
Grey hat hacker kon hote hai
Grey hat hacker vs Black hat hacker vs White hat hacker
Black hat hacker kaise bane
Grey hat hacker kaise bane
White hat hacker kaise bane
Hacking karna skihe hindi mei
Hindi me hacking karna sikhe

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